Weight Tracker

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المطور: Foundation HealthCare Network


- Track your Measurements
- Track your weight
- Tracks Body Fat Composition
- Create Multiple Profiles
- Create passwords for each profile
- Choose lbs. or kg.
- Set Weight Goals & Track Progress
- Set a Goal Deadline
- Graphs show total weight, body fat and more


The Weight Tracker iPhone application allows users to easily track their weight on a daily basis. This application was designed and written exclusively for iPhone v4.0 Operating System or later.

The Weight Tracker user can set goals so the program will help them track and quantify their progress towards their weight loss goals. The Unified Lifestyle Body Fat Calculators will help individuals professionally assess their body fat % and where they need to be in order to be healthy.

Multiple people can track their weight in this application at the same time by utilizing the concept of profiles.

The Weight Tracker application is available for download exclusively from the App Store.